B U C   R I C H A R D S

Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals

Robert “Buc” Richards is the guitarist, keyboardist, and background vocalist in KansAZ; he shares keywork with fellow band mate Dave Nelson. 

The following is from an email entitled “Why Buc is the way Buc is": 

“Buc’s mother was a piano teacher, so he never really had a chance in life.  12 years old and Kansas’ Leftoverture was the album that changed his life. After that all he played was Kansas and ELP.  As a young adult he realized that a musician’s life was a vow of poverty so he ran off to fight communism across the globe.  If you’ll notice, Communism lost! 
[editor’s note:  thanks Buc!] 

“One evening in ‘96 in a drunken stupor in a small bar in South Korea he realized he should get back into music and picked up guitar.  Over the years he slaved away at guitar and keyboards in numerous Alternative and Classic Rock bands that you probably never heard of.  However he’s particularly proud of some of the band names: Steal Wool, LOFT, Hannah’s Hostage.

“The rest, as they say, has yet to happen, but he really hopes it’s awesome!”

Recently, Buc played keyboards on Operation Encore, a CD compilation of military songwriters and performers.  He also played for the live Operation Encore CD release event in Phoenix.

For the last four years Buc has played keyboards and guitars for Static Confuzion, one of Phoenix’s premier Classic Rock cover bands.  With this group, he met fellow KansAZ member Ethan Foxx, where the idea of KansAZ was hatched over a killer rendition of “Carry On Wayward Son” and some Anejo Tequila.