Dave Nelson is a keyboardist in KansAZ, sharing keywork with fellow band mate Buc Richards.  He also plays percussion instruments on several songs. 

He lived in the state of Kansas (which he refers to as “the Motherland”) from one month of age until 2013.  He grew up in Leavenworth (no, not in the pen) and went to college in Lawrence (one of the towns frequented by the band Kansas in their early days).  Dave saw Kansas perform their last show as the original group in 1981 at the University of Kansas' Allen Field House in Lawrence and was astounded by their musicianship and stage performance.   His multiple keyboard playing style was heavily influenced by prog rock keyboardists such as Steve Walsh of Kansas; that and his prowess at playing rhythm guitar parts on keys in conjunction with regular keyboard duties made him an ideal fit in the band.

Dave started piano lessons at age 5, played organ in his church, and trumpet in his high school band.  He has experience performing in a variety of local rock groups in the Midwest including Drama, Impact, and the Secrets. 

He and fellow Impact guitarist Mike Light released two independent CD’s in the mid 90’s under the name Weekend Occupation.  Dave played all the keyboard parts including electric bass patches and drum parts as well as engineered and produced the CD’s. 

Keyboards and Percussion

D A V E   N E L S O N