Ethan Foxx is the lead vocalist of KansAZ; he also plays acoustic guitar on “Hold On”.

A stage and studio singer from the Phoenix area, Ethan has been performing professionally since the age of fifteen, nearly 30 years.  Possessing a soaring vocal range and trained to sing in several musical styles, his experience and skill sets him apart to be the perfect vocalist to cover the masterfully challenging vocal lines of Steve Walsh of Kansas.  Ethan learned to sing while emulating the soft vocal nuances of David Gates of Bread and was also heavily influenced by dynamic metal vocalists such as Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. 

Throughout the latter 80s and 90s Ethan toured and performed in the hard rock band Gadzooks and the progressive metal band Sweatin’ Blood.  In recent years, Ethan Foxx has fronted the Phoenix-based bands Static Confusion, Rum Runners, Foxx & Gower, and Flashback. 

While performing Dust in the Wind as Foxx & Gower some years back, Ethan overheard someone in the audience exclaim over the intro, “Kansas? Nobody sings Kansas!”  Ethan thought - why not?  He’d always loved singing along to Kansas records and had been tremendously influenced by their progressive style and deeply philosophical lyrics.  He decided that night that, should he ever come upon the right musicians, he would form a Kansas tribute. Nearly ten years later his dream is a reality.

Lead Vocals

E T H A N   F O X X