KansAZ is still:

Violin and Vocals

Bass Guitar and Vocals

Guitar, Keyboards, and Vocals

Drums and Percussion

Keyboards and Percussion

Lead vocals

KansAZ is an group hailing from Arizona, dedicated to faithful performance of the works of the American progressive rock band - KANSAS - 
who produced 9 gold records, 1 platinum and 4 multi-platinum albums, and two of the most played classic rock singles of all time: 

Dust in The Wind and Carry On My Wayward Son.

KansAZ originally started as a side project but initial results were so positive that other musicians were quickly drawn to the power and

passion  of this amazing music. All of the members are veterans of local or regional acts and have vast collective musical experiences.

They are varied in age, culture, and background but united in their devotion to create a great live experience worthy of
one of the greatest progressive and classic rock bands of all time.