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Previous Shows

11/11/17         Tucson, AZ

House of Bards   w/Shane Travis

11/03/17         Yuma, AZ

Cocopah Casino   

06/30/17         Phoenix, AZ

Joe's Grotto   w/Satchrat'd &  Mind Crime


05/19/17         Ahwatukee, AZ
Cactus Jack’s   w/The Rolling Cojonez

03/25/17          Scottsdale, AZ

Pranksters II   w/ AZ/DZ 

02/17/17          Ahwatukee, AZ
Cactus Jack’s   w/Whose Who  &  Static Confuzion

11/05/16          Scottsdale, AZ
Pranksters II  w/Soul on Fire
10/22/16          Tempe, AZ
Tempe Marketplace

10/21/16          Phoenix, AZ
Desert Ridge Marketplace

10/15/16          Ahwatukee, AZ
Cactus Jack’s  w/Anthem          

10/01/16          Indio, CA
Fantasy Springs Casino  The Rockyard

09/24/16          Ahwatukee, AZ
Cactus Jack’s   w/Perry’D Alive

07/09/16          Ahwatukee, AZ
Cactus Jack’s   w/Anthem 
07/04/16          Springerville, AZ
Town of Springerville w/Diamond in the Rough 
03/26/16          Phoenix, AZ
The Blooze  w/Anthem 
02/20/16          Tucson, AZ
The Event Center  w/Infinite Journey

02/05/16          Ahwatukee, AZ
Cactus Jack’s  w/A Heart on Fire & Iron Ozzy 
10/10/15          Phoenix, AZ
Desert Ridge Marketplace

10/09/15          Tempe, AZ
Tempe Marketplace

06/13/15          Ahwatukee, AZ
Cactus Jack’s  w/Static Confuzion

01/03/15          Phoenix, AZ

Gila River Arena  Before/After Phoenix Coyotes Game.

“One of the best tribute bands I’ve ever heard in any genre.  If you’re a Kansas fan, this band is going to blow your mind.  Every bit as good and thrilling as the real thing!”
-Dave Weiser,  13 years as  Sound Engineer/Designer at Kurzweil Music Systems and Sound Designer for Roger Waters, the Who, Brian Wilson, as well as numerous Broadway Musicals

“You are a great band …. The best show of the year at the Rock Yard in Fantasy Springs.”  

-Dan Wagaman, DJ from KRHQ (Q102.3) classic rock in Coachella, CA and host for the Rock Yard at Fantasy Springs Casino

"Just want to say that was the most spectacular show I have seen in awhile. Superb musicians and very much in sync with the sound of Kansas whom I have seen live several times. I will be driving ... often to see future shows... "
-Melissa Perez

"An amazing band ... paying tribute to the greatest band ever, Kansas. The musicianship of these folks was incredible. Having seen Kansas many, many times, and being a Wheathead for over 40 years, I can say without a doubt this incredible group of musicians NAILED IT! Bravo KansAZ a tribute to Kansas!!"
-Jim Beardsley

“These guys are incredible. They have taken considerable effort to sound just like the real thing. I have been a Kansas fan since their beginning and have all their albums and concerts.  I know every song, every note.  These guys play it perfectly.  What a treat they are…. can’t say enough….  If you are ready for a true progressive rock experience, check them out.”
-Jim Weaver

“This is no common act covering some great songs - KansAZ clearly has put the time and passion into mastering some of the most amazing prog songs ever penned. They go very deep into the Kansas discography and perform these hits with energy and extraordinary know-how…. puts meaning to the term ‘Tribute’. ” 

- Ed Truxal

"My favorite AZ tribute band, maybe the best I've ever seen of any band."

-David Raymer

“It is rather well known by many that album music is missing that spark that live music offers. As someone never exposed to the original Kansas album music save recently I must say I am MUCH impressed!  BRAVO to these guys who have embarked on this project with reverence and LOVE.” 
- Doris O'Neil

"Just discovered KansAZ while surfing YouTube for Kansas videos. I must say, I am thoroughly impressed! I have seen Kansas over 30 times and you guys are right on point note for note, tempo for tempo...good job and keep Kansas music relevant! "

- Danny Cox / Life long Kansas fan

“It was terrific. Very impressive! That is no easy undertaking. Great job to all of you!!  We enjoyed it very much, and it was a beautiful AZ night.… will definitely come out again. Rock on! "  

- Verity Bendel

“(Y)ou (are) an amazing group of stellar musicians; wow, just -, wow - amazed!!!”   

- Jon Throckmorton
“Was there for the entire performance this past Friday, and it was amazing!! These folks really put in many hours of long, hard work to master these difficult and complex tracks. I thoroughly enjoyed every moment.”   

- Tony Yeatropoulos