KANSAZ is an group hailing from Arizona, dedicated to faithful performance of the works of the American progressive rock band - KANSAS - who produced 9 gold records, 1 platinum and 4 multi-platinum albums, and two of the most played classic rock singles of all time: Dust in The Wind & Carry On My Wayward Son.

KANSAZ originally started as a side project but initial results were so positive that other musicians were quickly drawn to the power and passion  of this amazing music. All of the members are veterans of local or regional acts and have vast collective musical experiences. They are varied in age, culture, and background but united in their devotion to create a great live experience worthy of one of the greatest progressive and classic rock bands of all time.


lead vocals

Stage and studio singer, Ethan Foxx, has been performing professionally for 35 years. Throughout the latter 80s and 90s Ethan toured and performed in the hard rock band, Gadzooks, and the progressive metal band, Sweatin’ Blood. In recent years, Ethan Foxx has fronted the Phoenix-based bands, Static Confusion, Rum Runners, 3rd Rock, Americana, Blizzard of AZ, Hair Razer, and tributes to Journey. Ethan has always loved singing along to Kansas records and has been tremendously influenced by their progressive style and deeply philosophical lyrics. Ethan learned to sing while emulating the soft vocal nuances of David Gates of Bread, and was also heavily influenced by the dynamic metal vocalists, Ronnie James Dio and Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden. Possessing a soaring vocal range and trained to sing in several musical styles, Ethan’s experience and skill sets him apart to be the perfect vocalist to cover the masterfully challenging vocal lines of Kansas vocalists Steve Walsh and John Elefante. 




ROBERT "BUC" RICHARDS lead guitar, keys, vocals

Buc is a multi instrumentalist who's been a stalwart in the Phoenix music scene since the 90's, playing keyboards and guitar for numerous Classic, Progressive and Alternative Rock bands. He's recorded with and appeared on stage with Operation Encore and Roger Clyne and the Peacemakers among many others.  He's the owner of Academy of Noise Productions and the Red Door Studio where he plays various roles in recording, mixing and producing live music. He's a passionate fan of progressive music and Kansas in particular, having first heard and seen them in the late 70's. 





bass, vocals

KansAZ bassist Rick Travis has been a professional performer since 1977 and also is proficient on Guitar, Drums, Piano and Mandolin. Rick is the Executive Producer and owner of Travisphere Records and Blue Moon Recording Studio based in Tempe. As a devout fan of Kansas, when he heard a Kansas tribute was assembling in Phoenix, he knew he HAD to jump in!






keys, vocals

Dennis has spent a young lifetime of years blowing away audiences with his mastered skills in performance and composition on keyboard, vocals, and more. In addition to a history of world-class work, both with his original band INITIATOR, and with top notch tributes to classic Prog Rock icons, Dennis is also known for his acting work on Nickelodeon and various films. He enjoys spending his days making great music with great people, driven by an obsessive passion for all the greatest things on earth. 





violin, vocals

Cathie started playing violin in grade school. Classically trained, she expanded into other genres shortly after high school. She currently composes, arranges and performs with various ensembles and bands in the valley, and fronts her own genre-bending string group; Triad. She has appeared on stage with Amy Lee (Evanescence) and Disturbed and her youtube channel has over one million views.   When she is not performing, she enjoys spending time with her husband and children. 





drums, percussion

Joe's parents tried to raise a classical violinist. Joe however, had other plans. At the ripe, young age of 14, Joe bought himself a $400 drum set and hasn't ever looked back. His parents, impressed by his dedication, resulting talent, and his ability to self-teach, eventually got with the program. Joe rebeled in various other ways as well, one such way being enlisting in the US Army. Ironically, SGT REMELE was a communications NCO, deep down inside he knew he'd rather just be beating on things with sticks. Grown-up Joe enjoys Jazz & Blues in addition to Progressive Rock and can currently also be caught playing drums for Eric and the Dominoes, an Eric Clapton tribute.

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